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kitesurf cape town - spot guide table bay

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

One of the only spots in the world where there are hardly any restrictions of where to kite and when. Go wherever your heart desires. Cape Town has become one of the world's most popular kiteboarding spots. The conditions here are ideal for beginners and for advanced kiters. Depending on the wind and on your skills you can rip between Milnerton and Langebaan! The coast is ideal for downwinders. You can get started in Milnerton and pass all the good spots like Sunset, Shipwreck, Karmas, DerdeSteen and Haagkat and end up in Melkbos: about 30 km of good down-winding await you. The downwind shuttle service can take you back home.

The southeaster which blows here in the South African summer with its persistent four to seven beauforts makes Cape Town a kiters paradise. But even if the wind doesn't come up during the day you can still hope for thermal winds in the evening.

Lagoon Beach/River Mouth

The closest spot to the city. Only suitable for kiters. The spot works at southwest to west wind on days when the South Easter is not blowing. Due to the thermal winds you will have 1-2 force more than at other spots between 12:00 to 15:00 and kite with 9-11 m2 kites by onshore wind. It can get quite selective here when the swell is high. Right at the river mouth there is a large beach area for landing and takeoff . Nevertheless, be cautious when the wind is onshore

Milnerton Lighthouse

Excellent starting point to downwind. Very clean wave but obliquely offshore wind which means that there is little wind in front but a lot when you get out. Be cautious when you take off - the beach is very gusty. Perfect wave riding in clean and long waves. The spot works about an hour earlier than Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach

Actually a windsurfing spot. Nevertheless, it is also good for kiting here. Especially on those weak Southeaster days you can have lot's of fun. The "South Easter" sets in about an hour earlier than on the other more northerly spots and also gets stronger earlier. However, one should keep away from the windsurfers or yield to lee. Due to the beach-front buildings you may get quite gusty conditions. A good starting point for a "downwind session" up north. The beach is wide enough for launching and landing. Slightly strained parking situation during the high season.

Dolphin Beach

This spot is situated right at the Dolphin Hotel about 300 meters from the windward kite beach. Secure but little parking. Great beach for launching and landing. More laid back than at kite beach. Can get choppy when there is not much swell.

Kite Beach

As the name implies, kite beach is the central spot for riders and for kite schools. Many parking lots, many riders. Great beach for launching and landing. When the swell picks up you can get a big shorebreak with great waves. Toilet facilities are also available. Good shopping and possibilities to chow on the opposite side of the street.

Big Bay/Karmas

The kite spot is protected by two rocky outcrops. One on the windward side and one in lee. The kitesurf zone is located in Lee. One should stick to it. The best spot is in the lee of the rock on the right anyway. Here you will perfect waves when the swell is good and you do not need to pay attention to wind surfers or surfers. At high tide this spot is also ideal for freestyling as the water then becomes very glassy, flat and smooth. Rigging up is only allowed on the beach in lee. Big bay also works with west and northwesterly winds.

Derde Steen

Few people, large sandy beach with plenty of space to rig up. From small to medium-large swell you will have several peaks run here with very fast and hollow waves. Perfect for short, tight bottom turns and unhooked cutbacks.


15 minute drive away from Table View, there is the wide and huge Van Riebeeck beach, locally known as Melkbos. So named after the town right next to the beach. Waves run in sets. For many this is the best spot in the Bay. The wind blows exactly side shore. As the strong wind often only comes in the afternoon you have great conditions and clean waves to kite with your 9er in the mornings. Once the has pushed through you will quickly need your small sized kites (5-7 square meters). The wave will always be about a meter higher than at Sunset. The cleanest lines run at low tide.

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